As he tells me the steps to this system I can only think of how I got here. Some years I’ve been here showing my talents, overseeing each task, no training to think of. I listen and then ask questions I am in tune. It wasn’t due to my skills or accomplishments but rather a friend. A friend that knows what equality looks like, what opportunity looks like, potential in another I’d say. He simply said. “now are you going to show him  how to work this.” My man, thank you. It’s small in the grand scheme of things but to me it just speaks to the power a white man can have on another white man. You know black guys vibe, soul connected hmm some of us anyway. Brothers are cool, sweet talk the ladies and shit. As I watch I realize this is not new, a white man influencing another white man. Perception is everything, some get it and others don’t, I know my gut isn’t lying about this one.


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