Cross the line

How can one be so grimey. I just don’t understand how we got here. I know how we got here I’m just taken by surprise because I always felt I was real with you. Maybe that’s the problem not every truth needs to be spoken, intimidation verbally, for you this just isn’t normal. I’ve always been detached from my lovers. Few times did I stay with one woman and I live by different rules no question. For now anyway I live by the code. As soon as you step out on me I bounce but I…I come into the relationship not giving my all. I let you know from the beginning but it always turns one me. Somewhere down our timeline you got tired and I was long winded about shit you thought was a waste of time. It has never gone over well when I have to face the fact another man had his hands on my woman. I just can’t stand, I can’t deal I can’t. In my mind I see you with his (blank) in your mouth, I see you looking in his eyes as you let him (blank) in you. Real as I’ve ever been I’m hurt and so the only way to get over is to talk in length about the shit on my mind. I see these things because its what I would do. How many times I’ve taken another mans ribbon and turned it into a trophy.


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